Solar-Ready Roofs in Michigan

Your Last Roof Should Also Be a Solar-Ready Roof

Solar Roofing Panels

Solar Ready RoofMany homeowners consider energy efficiency an important factor in many decisions they make about their homes. Solar panel installation is a popular way to cut down on energy costs and improve a home’s overall efficiency. Not every roof is designed to support solar panels, however.

When you plan ahead for the eventual installation of a solar system, you can choose the right roofing material from the beginning. This can significantly improve the economics of your solar project. Without the forethought of roofing material, the added cost of making changes many times make solar roof panels economically undesirable. Whether you want to install solar panels in one year or five years, investing in a solar-ready roof guarantees you’ll have the option when the time comes. At American Metal Roofs of Michigan, we can help with this.

Our Solar-Ready Roofs

For many years, consumers thought they had to live with a commercial looking standing seam roof if they wanted a solar system. This is no longer the case. Our designer metal shingle roofs are solar ready. Not only do they use widely available universal mounts, but the heat reflective coatings keep the roof tops cool, which allows the solar system to operate more efficiently.

In addition to being solar ready, our metal roofs are high-quality products on their own. We have nearly 30 years of installation experience, and we put our customers’ needs first. We give our full care and attention to every project to ensure we leave no stones unturned. You can trust our helpful team to guide you toward the right solutions, and our expert installers will execute the job perfectly. When it comes to metal solar-ready roofs in Michigan, we are the most trustworthy provider in the business.

If you’re considering solar panels for your home, contact us today to request a quote or schedule a consultation.